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A Caring And Compassionate Family Law Practice In Elkton, MD

An Unmistakable Human Touch

Each family has its own set of problems. Sometimes these problems become legal issues. If you're in need of an attorney experienced in family law matters, you can count on my experience and trained staff at my office in Elkton, MD for compassionate, personalized, and confidential legal services.


If you're going through a divorce, seeking legal counsel is key to reaching a fair settlement. I've been working on divorce cases daily for over 40 years. I know the most appropriate and successful ways to deal with each particular case in court. Know what your rights are under the law.
family law office in Elkton, MD


As an experienced lawyer, I know that family law cases are quite different than most other types of legal cases. When family members are involved, there are often heightened emotions, and a great deal of stress and tension. With open communication and understanding, my goal is to make you feel as at ease as possible, while maintaining a civilized atmosphere between all parties involved throughout the legal process.

Specialty Areas

Family law is one of my specialty practice areas. Within family law, there are numerous types of issues that may arise. When it comes to cases pertaining to marriage, divorce, separation, child custody, child support, and visitation rights, you can rely on my experience in the area that spans several decades. I'll always fight to achieve the best outcome possible according to your circumstances and goals. Get in touch with my practice in Elkton to arrange an appointment.

Note: a nominal consultation fee charged for these types of cases which is waived if hired

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